Furniture Finishing with Hemp Oil

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Have you ever had a piece of furniture that you just don't want to paint?
Don't know what finish to use?
In this blog, I am going to share with you my all-time favourite finishing oil that we call 'Liquid Gold' - HEMP OIL.


The hemp oil we use isn't your normal food-grade oil available at health food shops, this is a special refined product made in Canada and sold by Fusion Mineral Paint especially for furniture finishing.

I recently did a live video on Facebook on how to make a  special mix I use to clean and nourish my timber furniture, you can view it here.





  • Hemp Oil
  • Vinegar - I use Apple Cider (I like the smell) but white is ok too


  • Small mixing bowl
  • Tablespoon or other measure
  • Fork or mini whisk
  • Chip Brush
  • Wire Wool - Medium, Fine or extra-fine (purchase from a hardware/building store)
  • Rag
  • Disposable Gloves. 
Measure  2/3 hemp oil & 1/3 vinegar, using a fork or whisk blend until the mix comes together like a dressing. (Use gloves if you want to protect your hands from getting oily and from slivers of steel that may come off the wire wool.)
There is no wrong way to tackle your project, you may want to clean it first with soapy water if it's particularly dirty. Otherwise, just start by dipping the wire wool into the oil mix and working with the grain applying the mix. 
Once you've worked the mix into an area go over it with a rag to remove the excess mix. This is when you'll notice how the oil and vinegar gets into the grain and lifts the hidden dirt and nourish the timber.
Keep applying to your piece and wiping off as you go. For hard to reach places, nooks and crannies use a chip brush dipped into the oil mix.
When you've finished your piece let it stand for 24-48 hours, then go back and wipe off any excess you can see. 


Now you can use your furniture but will need to treat it carefully as it won't be fully cured, this means it won't be water-resistant, so put down a coaster for any vases, glasses that have liquid in them.
Also, you will need to be careful with any paper product as you may find it acts like a blotting paper and absorbs any oils.
Don't be afraid to give it ago!


If you need any help then email or text Julie 021 811373
and she will give you a call.
Happy furniture finishing.
Julie x

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