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I feel strongly about preserving and protecting the heritage and history of furniture in Kiwi homes.  I grew up in a generation where most things were kept or re-used and it that philosophy that we want to carry forward in my business. 

Both myself and partner Allan have a history of builders and cabinet makers in our families going back generations.   This has given us a real appreciation of natural timbers and respect for the hand made pieces made by our forefathers.  

Sadly we have seen too many beautifully made pieces of furniture thrown away in favour of mass produced machine made junk. These pieces don't have the durability or quality to last for generations and very often these pieces will cost more than their older counterparts.

Old furniture can be re-used and repurposed with paint or completely transformed into a difference piece, rather than becoming a part of land fill. Using paint, waxes and hemp oil, special textures and effects you can bring out the beauty of these ugly ducklings (never ugly ducklings in my eyes!).


A chair Al and I created using salvaged furniture


I have enjoyed helping customers bring a new lease of life to many family heirlooms.  Using natural based paints and finishes to do this, meaning you are not bringing any nasty chemicals into your home.


With a focus on using and stocking only natural mineral paints at Troupes, it was a natural progression to step into the world of Fusion Mineral Paint.  It is manufactured to the same high standard by the same company that makes Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint,  Homestead House In Canada (which you all know how much I love Miss Mustard Seed!).  

Like Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, Fusion Mineral Paint has Zero VOC.  It is made using natural mineral pigments which gives depth to their colours.  The colour palette is vibrant and enticing and I am sure you are going to love this new range as much as I do! 

Another great thing about Fusion Mineral Paint is its ease of use.  Traditionally when painting furniture the more you prepare your piece before painting, the better the finish and durability.

However with Fusion Mineral Paint they have produced a paint that you can still achieve that durability and flawless finish but with only minimal preparation of the piece.  There is no other paint on the market that has a formula that works like Fusion.  Its easy to apply, has a silky smooth matte finish and best of all has a built in top coat.

Founders of Fusion Mineral Paint Loree and Jennylyn Pringle 

Fusion Mineral Paint is also a family business, run by a mother and daughter team, Loree and Jennylyn.  Their enthusiasm is addicting and its a joy to be part of this paint family.  Join us on our journey as we show you the power of Fusion Mineral Paint, the vibrancy of its colours, the ease of use and its flawless finish.

Julie x 

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