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Quite often these cute wee stools are passed up by shoppers in secondhand stores.

All they see is an ugly chipped, dirty stool that wouldn't fit into their modern clean, uncluttered home.

I see years of use... a story ... a warm glow hidden underneath that facade.

Just give me a bucket off warm soapy water, sandpaper, paint, oil or wax and I'll get to work with elbow grease and love.

The act of cleaning and sanding lets me get to know the piece.  I learn its little nuisances which help me decide how too finish it. Giving your furniture that little bit of TLC at the beginning will ensure the painted surface is durable. If you take shortcuts then you could end up with a finish that doesn't last.

With this stool I decided to highlight the patina of the seat and after painting the base I turned my attention to the top.



Miss Mustard Seed's Antique Wax was my choice of product which I applied with a cotton cloth and then buffed with a lint free cloth. I then repeated this process until I was satisfied with the final look.

You can apply more than one layer of wax, by doing this you will achieve a lovely warm shine on the timber.

For the legs I decided on Miss Mustard Seed's Shutter Gray which is described by Marion as a French blue/gray with a faded quality and was named for a pair of antique gray shutters she found in an antique store. 



After applying 2 coats I then used 100 grit sandpaper to work on areas where I could see the paint flaking off, then I lightly sanded all over the painted area with a sanding sponge to get a smooth finish. To seal the paint I used Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax and gave it the same elbow grease the top received.



When waxing I always work in small areas, otherwise I have a tendency to forget where I've been. If you find the finish is a little tacky try using less wax. The superb buttery quality of this wax means you don't need very much, a little goes a long way.


Here is the finished result!  Isn't it sweet!  You can never have too many stools in your home!
Happy Painting
Julie x 









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