What the heck is Milk Paint?

Posted by Julie Flood on

Milk Paint is an ancient paint made from five simple ingredients – milk protein (casein), limestone, clay, chalk and natural & non-toxic pigments. When absorbed into the surface, Milk Paint will never chip or peel when applied to a raw wood surface.




It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is naturally mold resistant. Milk paint provides a completely breathable coating and is ideal for painting wood, plaster, drywall and a variety of other surfaces.  It is environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable, and non-toxic and contains no VOCs.

With the Milk Paint Bonding Agent you can use Milk Paint on even more surfaces such as previously painted walls, varnished surfaces, concrete, metal, glass etc. Without the bonding agent, Milk Paint will resist some prefinished or prepainted surfaces to achieve an authentic “chippy” look.


To discover more about milk paint click here to see what 

Marion from Miss Mustard Seed has to say.

Once you work with and discover the magic of milk paint, you won't look back! 




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