Troupes Market

*Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic our markets are cancelled for the foreseeable future*


Come and visit our eclectic 'Little Vintage Market' in South Auckland.

You will find our market is made up of an array of vendors who have curiosities for sale from different vintage eras, this could be as old as 'Antique' (100+ years) or as new as Retro (1990's down as far as 1940's)...or maybe even re-purposed or crafted.

Our aim is to deliver a bespoke market that attracts vendors and buyers who share our love of the old.

We are based at PAPAKURA THEATRE COMPANY and don't have a concrete date for markets, but generally they are every 4-6 weeks. It really depends on what is happening at PTC.

There are occasions where we can spread our wings in the theatre and we have more room for vendors.

If you are like us and love vintage and you find your vintage haul needs thinning.


You have inherited some family treasure and would like to make a little bit of cash
then get in touch with.
We are happy to advise on what is 'good junk' to sell.
Just email us at:
Just ask for Julie or Allan.